Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Day For Dallof (and other missionaries)

So... What does a missionary do during the day after they get ready and study and do all of the stuff in "The Morning Hours"? Well I'm glad you asked and I am going to tell you! After our studies we go out into our area that we are serving in (I am in Fairview, Tennessee right now) and we go and visit people, talk to people on the streets, and knock on doors. We do that from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
      I know what you are thinking and yes, they do give us time to eat during the day. We have an hour for Lunch and an hour for Dinner. We will usually take Lunch around 12:00 and Dinner around 5:00. It doesn't give us a whole lot of time to cook huge meals so a lot of missionaries will have Ramen Noodles and Macoroni and Cheese in their diets (myself included). In the picure below I am eating just the brick of Ramen because its faster and easier. Mmm Tasty!


How do the missionaries get around?
          You may have seen missionaries walking around before. A lot of missionaries will walk to the places they are going. You may have seen the missionaries on bikes before as well. That is another form of transportation that we have. In some areas the missionaries are really lucky and will have a vehicle that they are allowed to drive around. BUT with the vehicles we are limited on our miles so we have to be smart and plan our miles accordingly.

Does Weather play a factor on whether missionaries go out or not?
          Missionaries love to meet people and we love to go out and work. There is very few weather storms that will stop us from going out to visit people. Missionaries will go out in Rain:

Missionaries will go out in the Snow:

And of course Missionaries will go out in the Shine!

There are few things that stop a missionary from going out and talking with people. If there is a tornado close to our area and we are in danger of it then we will stay in until it passes. But you better believe as soon as it passes we are back out there working. If an earthquake hits then we would probably stay inside for a little while or go around and check to make sure people are okay. Im serving in the South so I dont have to worry too much about earthquakes. Its tornadoes that I have to worry about. Luckily I haven't had to deal with too many of those.

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  1. Are these actual pictures of you? How has the summer weather affected you? It seems to have been bad all across the US. But if I know you missionaries, you probably just push on through, right!